Our Mission

Claddagh na nGael is a chartered CCÉ branch under the Mid-Atlantic Region of CCÉ North America.  In addition, we are a registered 501(c)3 charitable organization.  As previously stated, our objective is to promote traditional Irish culture in all its aspects.  We aim to accomplish this through the following primary activities:


Youth Education Programs:  Music & Dance Education to develop a deep understanding and appreciation of the tradition while building the skills needed to cultivate children’s creativity self-confidence, expression, empathy, and innovation – essential elements for life preparation.

Advanced Performance Programs:  Provide opportunities for aspiring and established local traditional musicians and dancers to pursue competitive recognition for their dedication and skill at the regional, national and international levels.  In addition, provide opportunities for access to internationally recognized training and certification programs (both performance and instructor level certifications).

Community Outreach:  Host, sponsor & promote activities and events which will bring Irish Music, Song, Dance, Language and Art into the local community and encourage broad participation and appreciation by all members of the community regardless of heritage.

Fund-Raising:  Through the active pursuit of private and public philanthropy as well as our own fund-raising efforts, achieve the financial stability to sufficiently endow all Claddagh na nGael programs so as to make them affordable and accessible to any and all who wish to participate regardless of means.